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Tree Health Diagnosis

Declining tree health is often a result of plant nutrient deficiencies. Urban soils are continually stripped of organic matter. Unhealthy trees are much more likely to attract disease and damaging insects. Our Tree Health Diagnosis will help you take control of your propery.

What is a Tree Health Diagnosis?

A tree health diagnosis is a fee-based professional consulting service performed by an TreeAdvisor Plant Healthcare Certified Arborist that requires an onsite visit with the property owner who can provide both historical and current information such as soil disturbances, weather events and irrigation issues. The diagnosis is a complex assessment of tree health to determine:

  • The risks or threats to the life of the tree(s)
  • The proper response in treating the tree(s) to minimize or eliminate those risks or threats

How Do I know I need a Tree Health Diagnosis?

You are the steward of the trees on your porperty and you know your trees best. However, you may need a professional tree health diagnosis from a Certified Arborist if your trees show any signs of stress or deterioration, that could lead to death or decline, including:

  • Thin, dwarfed or damaged leaves
  • Leaf colors other than dark green
  • Leaves slow to develop (bud) and/or early leaf drop
  • Tree tip dieback
  • Dead or dying limbs, branches or leaves
  • Growths such as mushrooms on trunk, limbs, roots, or near the tree trunk
  • Loose or deteriorating bark
  • Weather related damage such as lightening strike, hail, heavy winds, drought, or flooding
  • Insect exit holes and/or bleeding on trunk or branches
  • External damage from impact to tree

Why Should I Call TreeAdvisor for a Diagnosis?

Our Tree Health Diagnosis is a specialized tree service, it requires arboricultural expertise in such areas as Tree Risk Assessment and Structural Defect Identification (wounds, cankers, decays, etc.). You will receive from TreeAdvisor Plant Healthcare:

  • An educated, well trained, knowledgable, and experienced staff of ISA Certified Arborists
  • A full assessment of the health and structural risk of tree(s) and shrubs on your porperty
  • Identification of species
  • Identifiaction of stress issues that your tree(s) may have or be vulnerable to
  • Recommendation of the proper care and treatment for your tree(s) specific condition, procedures per ANSI 3000 standards
  • Recommended tree services that TreeAdvisor can provide